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Avid lover of all things science, nature, and the natural raw essence beauty within everything. Passionate about forging meaningful connections and exploring the wonders and mysteries of life and the intricate harmony of the world. Constantly seeking opportunities for learning and growth. Inspired by the cohesive flow of life and the beauty found in movement motion and harmony

dimensional color specialist, extension artist & hair care connoisseur 


From embarking on a journey in 2010 to become a veterinarian to pivoting into the beauty world and graduating from cosmetology school in 2014, Kristen immediately fell in love with working within a salon and the beauty industry that fueled her love and passion for learning to grow, and introduced her to a world that was a perfect blend of chemistry and artistry.

From beginning her career as a receptionist from July 2014 to November 2014 to transitioning into the role of an assistant in the salon's apprenticeship program from November 2014 to February 2016, Kristen had the privilege of learning under the guidance of classically trained European hairstylists.

During this apprenticeship period, Kristen immersed herself in the world of hairstyling, refining their techniques on models and mannequins, and successfully completing a rigorous test-out program. Their commitment to excellence paid off when they earned a chair in the salon, officially stepping into the role of a hairstylist behind the chair with this salon from February 2016 to October 2018.

Driven by a desire to elevate their career and channel their passion for hair color, Kristen embarked on a new chapter. They joined a specialized salon focusing on color and extensions, dedicating themselves to the art of hair coloring—a perfect blend of chemistry and artistry. In 2020, their expertise was recognized when they became a certified color specialist through Wella Professional's prestigious Master Color Expert Program.

November 2020 marked a new milestone for Kristen as they moved to another salon, this time exclusively focusing on color. Not only did they excel in their craft, but they also assumed the role of head of in-house education, sharing their knowledge and nurturing budding talents within the salon.

Fueled by a burning entrepreneurial spirit and a vision to provide a luxurious experience for their clients, Kristen took a leap of faith in September 2021. They opened their own studio—a haven of customized, low-maintenance dimensional color and exquisite hair extensions. The studio embodies its commitment to their guests' satisfaction, offering a personalized and indulgent atmosphere where every client feels pampered and truly seen.

A perfect blend of chemistry & artistry

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⋆ ☀︎ Leo Sun ☽ Scorpio Moon ↑ Sagittarius Rising ⭒ ⋆


I’m Canadian born, North Carolina raised — I’ve lived in Cary, NC since I was 6 years old.


I’m a third-generation hairstylist — my dad was born in Greece and moved to Canada at 11 years old where he later met my mom when she was a receptionist at the salon he worked at as a barber.


I am the youngest sibling of 6 kids — literally like my big, loud, chaotic Greek family, and I love being a part of it ♡ 


Self-proclaimed introvert but will leave the house for a cute small town downtown, good food, a new adventure or scenery, live entertainment (love stand-up comedy), and shopping. 


I can eat sushi or tacos every day. Basically any Asian or Mexican food — big carb lover and sweets lover (anything caramelly or chocolatey)


When it comes to podcasts, books, tv shows, and movies … Fan of anything true crime, mystery, psychological thriller, suspense, science-fiction, action, heists, OR any reality dating show (gimme all the petty, crazy, cringe drama) and anything funny. (not much of a sappy drama or cheesy romance fan 

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Latest classes, certifications and accolades:

- I take 1-2+ in-person classes locally or out-of-state each year
- I take 2-4+ online classes yearly 

I’m constantly seeking opportunities for learning and growth and I’m naturally obsessed with taking classes for nonstop continued education about the latest trends, techniques, products and tools from all the greatest names in the industry. I always leave classes feeling re-inspired and motivated, I always learn something new and it’s gives me the opportunity to travel, meet or collab with great minds. 


- Ess & Cay Wrap Highlighting Tour | 2023
- Foilayage Entourage Tour | 2022
- Masters of balayage | 2022
- K18 molecular repair service course | 2021
- Jacob Khan Bobs, Shags & Pixies | 2021
- Ashlee Norman Diamond Paint & Beyond Extensions | 2021
- HaloCouture Hair Extension Certification: Tape-ins | 2021
- Wella Master Color Expert : Color Specialist Certification 2020

- Ashlee Norman The Modern Shag Haircut | 2020
- Ashlee Norman Triple Threat Foilayage Color | 2020
- Ashlee Norman Reverse Foilayage Color | 2020
- SKW Handtied Hair Extension Certified 2019
- Natural Beaded Rows Handtied Hair Extension Certified 2018
- Sassoon Academy Miami Haircutting | 2018
- Brazilian Blowout Certification | 2017
- Perfectress Keratin Bonded, Individual Beaded Strands & Tape-in Certified | 2016
- Mitchell’s Hairstyling Academy 2014

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I’m so excited to meet and chat with all of you! I love getting to know each other, sharing laughs and stories, and learning something new about each of you and everything you have to offer through conversation during our appointment time together. However, I respect and will cater to your needs if you prefer to relax in peace, read a book, watch a show, or do some work while you get your hair done.